Use of olive oil for skin: This Is What experts say!

Use of olive oil for skin

You must have heard about olive oil that is often used for skin care and cooking purposes. For making some healthy and tasty dishes, there isn’t any match of it. This oil has plenty of benefits like a benediction to the skin, good for hair, etc. But globally, olive oil is preferred to use for skincare. Why is that so? Have you ever wondered?

Let’s figure it out.

For thousands of years, this oil has been used for skin, hair, and health care, and that is why it is also considered liquid gold. And this liquid is rich in vitamins yet antioxidants that are proved good-to-skin.

Now in this 21st century, people are switching their chemical products to herbal products. Do you know most of your skincare manufactures use olive oil in their products?

Even some people apply it directly to their skin as it contains cosmetic benefits. The use of olive oil can make your skin glow and look younger.

You will be amazed to know that olive oil is praised for its emollient, vitamins, and moisturizing properties. You can trace this oil in various forms for beauty care like a serum, lotion, or cleanser. Many people use raw oil mixed with other natural beauty care products.

You may still be astonished; why is that so, right? Keep reading to quench your thirst.

Olive oil is used for skin convenience:

If you want to give good nourishment to your skin, start using olive oil daily. This oil is highly enriched with skin advantages. Olive’s good fat has abundant usage, from moisturizer to makeup removals as a home remedy.

  • Olive oil as moisturizing liquid

The olive oil fat does not directly provide moisture to your skin but locks the fluid into your skin. It prevents water loss, and by doing this, your skin looks glow and heel from the inside.

  • Anti-aging properties

The liquid gold comprises vitamins A, D, K, and E. These properties help decrease oxidative pinch on the skin. That leads you to detain anti-aging.

  • Conserve from environmental damage

Pollution effect skin problems like skin aging, skin irritation or redness, etc. so, the remedy is olive oil. Its antioxidant elements protect our skin from pollution.

  • Skin developing properties

By locking the water inside the skin, this oil also reduces marks and scars from your skin. Apply properly to get fair and shiny skin.

  • Healing properties

The anti-inflammatory quality in it may heal wounds. Moreover, this plant oil includes triterpenes which are responsible for cell proliferation and deposition of collagen.

  • Makeup removal oil

You can use Olive Oil for your makeup removal. Yes, it’s true. It breaks the waxy substances of waterproof mascara or eyeliner. As a makeup removal product, it is very gentle on the skin. With antioxidants and the hydrating squalene, it moisturizes your eyelashes and nourishes eye area skin.


The usage of olive oil

Okay, besides the advantages of olive oil, it is also important to know the proper usages.

  • You can take advantage of this oil just sitting in your home. Please take a good quality extra virgin olive oil, apply it to your skin as a moisturizer in a small amount. Wipe the extra oil with a towel. Excessive oil can damage your skin.
  • For daily skincare, it is best to use after cleansing. First, wash your face with daily face wash, then apply a thin layer of olive oil. You can use it after lotion and before your makeup. Or, if you are fond of sunscreen, then apply the oil before sunscreen.
  • After a hectic day, you need to be fresh enough. Take some olive oil, and apply it to your makeup directly. Rub gently, and wipe it with cotton. And then you can wash your face.
  • You can also purchase olive oil-based skincare products. That comes in the form of cleanser, moisturizer, and soap.
  • As a scrub, the oil can be added with some sugar; it exfoliates your skin and keeps the moisture. All you need to do is apply the mixture to your body, face and then gently rub it. It helps to remove the dead.


How could you forget about the risks of using olive oil?

There are some bad sides to everything despite the good side. Though the oil is benison to our skin simultaneously, it also clogs your skin bills and harbors bacteria easily. So, let us see the downsides of this oil.

  • Less scientific proof

Since olive oil was used for thousands of years, still less scientific evidence, its use is all over the experience-based, which says it’s beneficial. But some people can face some side effects also. So, before using this, you should take experts’ advice first.

  • Oppression

If you have a sensitive scene, then avoid olive oil. Have a test before daily use. Take a small size of the liquid and apply it on your skin; if you feel irritation within 48 hours, then keep that aside. Sometimes the oil irritates sensitive skins. Choose a high-quality, pure oil.


Note: For an infant, the oil caused the risk of eczema at the first use.

  • Clogs pores

Olive oil is heavy, and it does not absorb the skin easily. And the bacteria may breed into this. That can cause acne, clogged pores, which feel irritation on the skin.



Don’t freak out; without knowing your skin types, it really can be harmful to use. If you have allergic issues or any skin disease, then olive oil may not suit you well. It’s better, consult with your physician if you are not sure about these things.

If you don’t have such issues, then without any worry, go for it. Olive oil is truly a wonderful source of skin nutrition. For shiny and glowy skin, there isn’t any match of olive oil. Apply it properly and see the immediate result within a small period.

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